Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Missions and Ministries

We take seriously God’s call upon our lives to be a people of faith and prayer. Every week on Wednesdays a group called the “Gatekeepers” gathers in the sanctuary to pray for the needs of our community of faith and the world. Emergency prayer needs are circulated and lifted up in prayer almost daily through the members of our prayer circle and e-mail prayer partners of the Prayer Ministry of Glen Leven. We are developing as a church the wonderful reputation as a “house of prayer.”

The people of the community of faith of Glen Leven have numerous opportunities for spiritual development and Christian nurture through our small groups, Women’s Circles, and Men’s Fellowship that meet on Sunday mornings and other days during the week.

Through two separate Bible Studies offered each week on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday mornings, a group of over twenty individuals look closely at the Scriptures and discuss the relevance and significance of God’s word in and for our lives.

We continue to offer opportunities for spiritual growth for our children and youth through Sunday small groups, youth study and outings, Vacation Bible School, confirmation classes, Children’s Guide to Worship classes, Church pageants, overnight camp outs, and other seasonal activities.

Seeking to provide ministry and encouragement to our senior members, Glen Leven has a Senior Ministry called the “Live Wires.” This group offers opportunities for our over fifty-five age group to gather for activities, programs, excursions, and fellowship.

With a staff of 17, we provide one of the best and oldest outreach ministries to families and children through our Day School. Over 81 children and 70 families are touched by the love of Christ through this vibrant ministry each week.

We have a major impact on un-wed mothers and single parent families through our active support of Hope Clinic for Women. At times we have even offered a scholarship position in our Day School for a child from Hope Clinic.

We help children and families in after-school support and skill education classes through our involvement with Cottage Cove. We offer faithful support to the Cottage Cove Christmas Store, giving struggling parents the opportunity to provide gifts to their children for a very moderate price.

Our congregation exercises the parable of the Good Samaritan by assisting individuals in our surrounding community, contributing to the payment of their utilities through our Good Samaritan Ministry. This ministry enables those who have special needs to maintain their electric, gas, or water utilities during emergency situations.

Glen Leven reaches out to those who are homeless and less fortunate through our long-standing support of Nashville Rescue Mission and Second Harvest Food Bank. We even have members who have served and who presently serve on the Boards of these ministries. Through our involvement we have helped to share the gospel, provide shelter, warm meals, canned goods, and clothing to those who are in need.

Glen Leven offers strong support to the Martha O’Bryan Center helping to empower families living in east Nashville and the surrounding community. We have members who each week volunteer their time to deliver Meals on Wheels through this ministry.

Our outreach moves way beyond our community and our state. More than fifteen members of our congregation participate annually as work missionaries in our Mexico Mission outreach. These volunteers spend a week in Piedras Negras, Mexico building a house and sharing the love of Christ Jesus. So far we have organized and participated in the building of twelve houses.

Listed above are most of the ministries that are taking place through our efforts to be faithful to our calls to glorify God. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to serve God as we serve the world around us. New and expanded opportunities for ministry and service to God continue to present themselves as we discern God’s will for us as God’s people.